About Tucciarones Baked Goods

Anthony Tucciarone: Founder

How I Started

I was born the fifth out of ten children. Growing up at our farm in Glocester, Rhode Island, I have fond memories of the many Sunday meals that my family shared after mass. The food was served on a long table surrounded by my four brothers, five sisters, parents, and grandparents.

After the traditional homemade pasta, meats, and gravy, dad insisted guests not to leave until they’ve had a cup of coffee and some of mom's homemade desserts. I remember all the noise and multiple conversations going on at the same time.

Tucciarones baked goods

Learning from the Best

My mom, who hailed from Sicily, trained me in the art of baking. To further my education, I studied for two years at the Johnson & Wales University. There, I received a certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Passing Down a Tradition

As I set out on my own, I married Deborah, my beautiful wife of 27 years. We eventually forged our own family traditions. Of course, the custom that was started by Mama Angela 50 years ago still remains.

I've been baking traditional specialty Italian cookies for family and friends for more than 25 years. Retired from nursing, I have now decided to pursue my passion for baking full time.

These days, making cookies has become a family affair. Deb is in charge of Marketing and Packaging.

Tucciarones baked goods

Our five kids also take part in the business. 23-year-old Donald is our Sales and Accounts Manager while 25-year-old Christina, 21-year-old Anthony, and 18-year-old Patty are taste testers. 13-year-old Catherine Rose, who has special needs, makes sure that Santa gets his share of cookies every Christmas Eve.

The quality control expert is none other than Mama Angela, my inspiration in all that I do.

My Mission

To Bring People Together

I strive to share my scrumptious desserts with all of you. More than that, I hope that my cookies will help gather family and friends around the table. I want my cookies to be a reason for fellowship and a way to strengthen the bonds between loved ones. Like how it has always been for me, I hope you, too, will make my creations a part of your own family traditions.

To Establish a Bridge Between Generations

Keeping this old-world tradition alive is important to me. With my rare products, I aim to connect past generations with the present as well as those to come.

Tucciarones baked goods

To Share the Feast With More Individuals

Furthermore, my dream is to reach out to specialty stores, grocers, caterers, wedding planners, and other clients in all of Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.